Salesman is a free simple bookkeeping system that allows you to keep track of purchased and sold goods or services. Besides that, you can keep accounts of debts in terms of primary documents. You can print Invoices, Delivery Notes and Reports. The application also allows to backup and restore database.

Who can use it

This program is designed to be used by retailers (small business and entrepreneurs). They can use Salesman, if they have no personnel, fixed assets, or export-import operations. This program has no such kind of tools.


There are four references ("Items", "Counterpart"», "Stockrooms" and "Selling Prices"), four documents ("Purchase", "Sale", "Payment" and "Relocation") and five reports ("Item Operation List", "Stock Turnover Sheet", "Debts", "Purchases" and "Trading, Profit and Loss Account").


We are going to add a reference and a register "Expences". It's data will be included to the "Trading, Profit and Loss Account"' for the net profit calculating. We also scheduled to add two documents ("Return Inwards" and "Return Outwards"), FIFO and LIFO, some other features.

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