Journals are designed to store documents of the same type. There are four journals in “Salesman”:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Payments
  • Relocations

You cannot add or delete journals. You also can't change their structure. To enter the journal, tap "Documents" and choose a desired journal.

Being a tabular form, journals allow you to use the control tools available for tables: the menu items (and control buttons) of “Settings», «Filter" and adding a new element ("+").

Adding a New Document

The element of a journal is a document. To create a new document, use the "+" button. It is situated in the top right corner of the screen.

Context Menu

The context menu has the following options:

  • "New" — creates a new document (like the "+" button);
  • "Open" — opens a current document to view/edit (you can also do it just by tapping the document);
  • "Copy" — creates a new document by copying a current one;
  • "Delete" — deletes a current document. Please note, that deleted document can be restored;
  • "Document-based input" — this option is available in Purchases and Sales journals. When you use it, a new "Payment" document is created, a current document is used as a basic document.

You can review the structure of journals independently. Select "Menu" → "Settings" and tap the “Field” window of the dialogue box. The drop-down list contains all the fields (columns) of the table.

A default order of sorting in the journals is by date, but you can change it as you like.