From now on you can keep your records wherever you are, regardless of your location. And we give you the possibility
Don't waste months to master complex accounting programs. You will become a pro in an hour. And we provide you with the means
We will deliver a necessary application to those who need it. Just give us some time


Salesman is a free simple bookkeeping system that allows you to keep track of purchased and sold goods or services. Besides that, you can keep accounts of debts in terms of primary documents. This program is designed to be used by retailers (small business and entrepreneurs). If they have no personnel, fixed assets, or export-import operations, this is a perfect fit for them.

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We create and develop software platform that collect data remotely and send it to server for further processing or storing. Main function of PalmOrder is to expand database management system (for example, ERP or AIS) due to connecting mobile devices to it. PalmOrder is a very nimble system, it may be connected almost to any DBMS that supports XML file format.

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